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Can Chickens Eat Chia Seeds

Since they require a wide variety of foods to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, chickens are happy to try new things. Most fruits, vegetables, and entire grains are OK for chickens to eat, but what about the current trend of superfoods, can chickens eat chia seeds?

You can feed chia seeds to chickens, although you need to prepare them in a certain way to get the best from them and to deliver all the nutrients to your chickens. Chia seeds are smaller than flax seeds, yet swell in water. In our guide, you can learn more about giving chickens chia seeds as a healthy treat.

By the end, you’ll see that chia seeds offer many health benefits for your chicken’s diet so that you can maintain a healthy chicken with great egg production. (Read Can Rabbits Eat Sugar Snap Peas)

chia seeds

Can Ducks Eat Chia Seeds As Well As Chickens?

For your flock, eating chia seeds are an excellent source of nutrients. But keep in mind that chia seeds are a limited resource for chickens. Don’t offer too many chia seeds to chickens or ducks.

To prevent digestive health problems in your flock, be careful how many chia seeds you feed them. Nevertheless, chia seeds are okay to use as long as they provide your chickens with the essential nutrients for good health.

Can Chia Seeds Be A Pellet Mix Alternative?

Chia seeds cannot take the place of your chickens’ regular diet. It would help to give your flock the required nutrients in a balanced diet. Despite the fact that chia seeds are packed with nutrients, they can’t take the place of your flock’s basic diet. Remember that they are merely treats for your chickens.

What Are The Effects of Chia Seeds On Chickens?

Chia seeds have an impact on your flock similar to typical. All of these things are crucial to know if you raise poultry.


Chia seeds have a high fiber content—34.4 grams, to be exact—and are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. For this reason, allowing even one ounce of it to be pecked by your chickens will immediately help preserve optimal digestive health. 

As a result, the extraction of nutrients from their food will be a swift and straightforward process. Constipation will be less of an issue as a result of this. Despite this, you should prioritize limiting their use of chia seeds because they may be associated with digestive health problems.


If you want your eggs to have thick shells, including chia seeds in their diet is an excellent first step in the right direction. Calcium can be found in high quantities in these seeds.

Eggshells lose their thickness and become more brittle when calcium is absent from the diet. Should this occur, you will suffer a loss of productivity and potential cash from your backyard farming endeavors. (Read Difference Between Barred Rock Rooster And Hen)

Antioxidant Benefits

Chickens can also get cancer! Ovarian cancer can develop in 5% to 35% of hens throughout their lifetime. Since hens are the ones who spawn chicks, this problem is concerning.

Antioxidant content are essential for fighting off or preventing the free radicals that can sicken flocks. Its main goal is to protect cells from harm. Fortunately, chia seeds are a great source of antioxidants!

How can Chickens Eat Chia Seeds


Using chia seed as an additive to the staple food makes it easy to feed chickens. There are two ways for you to do this: uncooked and cooked. Both of the options are okay to practice.

Uncooked chia seeds

You may think it’s easy to feed your flock uncooked seeds, but you must carefully proceed. You must ensure that each cock consumes just the right amount—never too much. The seeds can be thrown inside the cage and dispersed there. The chickens will go out and forage for their food. To prevent choking, don’t forget to prepare water for your chickens. They might regard it as a treat.

You can use chia pets as a novel way to feed extra greens. Hens will quickly trim a chia pet down to size once they realize it has nothing but flavor.

Cooked chia seeds

Let the cooked chia seeds soak for 10 minutes in water. The chickens will digest the seeds even more quickly after soaking. The seeds will resemble oatmeal after submerging in water, which is normal.

Chia seeds can also be included in the pellet mixture you will serve your flock. You can mix it with other things without risk. To avoid regions where the seeds are concentrated, thoroughly swirl the mixture.

Once more, chia seeds are not a complete substitute for cooked chicken dinner. Giving the chickens more chia than 5% is not advised since it will make them quickly bloated. As a result, they won’t be able to eat other food their body needs to maintain a healthy amount of nutrients.

In the same way, you can ask if can chickens eat cooked quinoa. Again, this maintains all the health benefits and makes it easier for chickens to digest.

Are Raw Chia Seeds Safe For Chickens?

Chia seeds are non-toxic and acceptable to feed to chickens. Most chicken keepers only serve uncooked chia seeds to chickens. When chickens eat the seeds, they expand. Normal swelling won’t harm the chickens’ stomachs. (Read Will Chickens Drown In The Rain)

While raw seeds are easier to feed, it is easier to overeat chia seeds this way. Soaked or cooked chia seeds avoid digestive issues and can prevent them from eating in large quantities.

Benefits Of Feeding Chia Seeds To Backyard Chickens

Raw chia seeds have a high nutritional value. They are a good source of many nutrients, including zinc, phosphorus, choline, manganese, folate, calcium, protein, fiber, and antioxidants.


Chia seeds are calcium-rich, which is vital for chicks and laying hens. Calcium helps young chickens grow strong bones and is essential for egg-laying hens. Hens need calcium to make strong eggs, and a deficiency will lead to poor-quality eggs.


Chia seeds are strong in fiber; thus, many backyard chicken keepers feed them to their chickens. Fiber promotes a healthy chicken’s digestive system. Fiber helps chickens digest food in the digestive tract; thus, feeding chia seeds helps chickens reduce constipation and avoid digestive issues.

Prevent Cell Damage

Chia seeds offer Chickens antioxidants for good health and to avoid cell damage, so chia seeds’ antioxidants fight to combat free radicals. Many free radicals can damage body cells, so these chia help with heart health and boost the immune system.

Can Baby Chickens Be Fed Chia Seeds?


Can baby chickens eat chia seeds? They can once they are four weeks of age as they won’t have a developed digestive system. Instead, giving chicks a quality starter feed formulated with the nutrition for their dietary needs is better.

Once old enough, chickens can eat chia seeds, other foods, and baby chicken feeds, yet they shouldn’t make up their entire diet.

How Much Chia Seeds Can Chickens Eat?

Chia seeds are wholesome and nourishing, but you should only give them in little amounts.

Chia seeds lack healthy nutrition for chickens to stay healthy, and it will stop them from eating their staple food. Adult feathered friends can have a spoonful, and baby chickens only a teaspoon of seeds.

How Often To Feed Chia Seeds to Chickens?

Backyard chickens can occasionally eat chia seeds, such as a few daily. However, they need to supplement their daily chicken feed, and the seeds shouldn’t make up more than 10% of your chickens’ diet. Adding a handful of seeds to their diet won’t harm them as long as they get enough chicken feed. 

Can Chickens Eat Seeds of Other Types?

There are other seeds you can feed backyard chickens:

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are healthy and nutritious and can be fed raw, baked, or cooked. You can provide them with pumpkin seeds for vitamin E, B, and A.

Sunflower Seeds

Backyard chickens love sunflower seeds. They are nutritious, yet they only offer a few sunflower seeds because excess salt harms chickens.


Quinoa offers very high nutritional value. It packs in protein, calcium, minerals, and vitamins.

Can Chickens Eat Chia Pets?

The Chia Sprouts from Chia Pet are safe for chickens, so your chickens can eat chia pets. If your chickens love it, especially if you have a larger flock, think about sprouting the seeds, so you have more to share.


Chia seeds are not only safe for chickens to eat; they are also incredibly beneficial. The nutrients in chia seeds include calcium, magnesium, protein, phosphorus, water, fat, manganese, fiber, zinc, vitamin B3, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, potassium, and antioxidants.

Constipation is avoided with a healthy digestive tract from fiber. The B vitamins help convert food into energy and support healthy immune systems, while the calcium in chia seeds helps maintain healthy bones in laying hens.

The anti-inflammatory and cell-damaging properties of the antioxidants in chia seeds are well established and can help maintain a healthy digestive system. Eight times more omega-3 fatty acids are found in chia seeds than in food that has an excess of fatty acids, such as wild-caught salmon. (Learn How To Know If A Zucchini Is Bad)

A chickens diet can include new things, so think of chia seeds next time you’re looking for a healthy treat.

Can Chickens Eat Chia Seeds