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Can You Paint Over Redgard

Cracks in tiles, stones, and sealants are avoided with Redgard Waterproofing, a protective layer. Thus this painting waterproof membrane is therefore fairly practical and well-known.

The question is, depending on the area, you might need to paint the floor or the tile because this layer is applied over the tiles or stones. So, you may be unsure if you can paint over the final product .

You must know the benefits and disadvantages of painting over this waterproofing. In our guide, you can learn more about the waterproofing capabilities of the bright red color compound and what the entire process entails. By the end, you’ll discover the more important question, is Redgard paintable over with a second coat of regular paint? (Read Can You Paint Over Gelcoat)

Can You Paint Over Redgard

Can You Paint Redgard One Step Waterproof Membrane?

Redgard waterproofing can be covered using paint, yet the waterproofing warranty will be reduced. In addition, on various surfaces, Redgard waterproofing is typically effective to prevent cracks and add water protection. But if you paint over it, the waterproofing won’t last as long.

Because paints make the Redgard waterproofing less effective. Additionally, the waterproofing could be harmed if you don’t use any high-quality primer before applying paint. Painting over Redgard without using a primer is, therefore, not advised.

The paint will not last for very long and will rapidly chip and pull the waterproofing from the surface. However, the paint will adhere when you prime with a high-quality product. Apply Redgard waterproofing in a thin layer before you paint over with the primer. In addition to this, you could use the wrong paint. For paint to stick, you need thicker paint, such as acrylic paint.

Why Doesn’t Paint Stick to Redgard?

Here you can find an overview of why your new paint on waterproof membrane won’t let paint stick to it. In general, any surface can be painted over. But the question is whether you can apply a coat of paint to Redgard or not.

Well, you can’t paint over it without affecting it, as Redgard red waterproof paint has limitations and requirements. Let’s explore why painting over Redgard isn’t recommended.

Lack of Durability:

In most cases, the coat of paint won’t stick to the Redgard waterproofing permanently when you paint over it. Thus, the paint won’t be long-lasting. You will see the paint flaking off the red color surface after a few days. Redgard and paint cannot form a solid bond when they are combined, which reduces durability.

So, if you want a durable finish, you can’t paint over Redgard.

Reduced Warranty:

Effective on a variety of surfaces is Redgard waterproofing. Even the waterproofing is covered by a warranty that might last for a lifetime. But once you apply a coat of paint over the waterproofing, the waterproofing’s warranty is shortened by the paint’s components.

A specified warranty period will no longer apply to the waterproofing. Over a year, the paint may chip off. Because it doesn’t stick to the surface well, the paint occasionally won’t survive even a year.


The Redgard painting requires specific prerequisites. The membrane requires two coats to offer the best waterproofing. If you need to paint, you must use a primer before you apply a coat of paint on the waterproofing surface.

Additionally, the waterproofing must be thin. A new coat of paint won’t stick to a surface with an excessively thick layer. Therefore, it might not always be possible to satisfy all of these conditions.

painting regard surface

How To Paint Redgard Surface?

As a result, you may know that painting Redgard is difficult. To properly paint Redgard, you must adhere to a set of requirements and a step-by-step process. To make the paint stick, you must adhere it to the surface. (Learn How Long Does It Take Spray Paint To Dry)

The paint won’t last if that happens. Let’s now examine your ability to paint Redgard.

1. Clean the surface:

Clean the surface you want to paint well first. To clean the surface, you must remove debris and other materials like dirt, grease, and dust.

2. Apply Redgard:

Next, apply a thin coat of Redgard waterproofing. To the surface you want to paint, apply Redgard evenly. If not, the Redgard won’t be effective and the paint won’t stick to the surface.

3. Apply Primer:

The next step is to apply primer. On the surface, you can apply one coat of primer and one layer of paint.

4. Add Another layer:

You can add another layer of primer and then another layer of paint to make the paint more durable.

5. Dry Paint:

Before using the painted surface, let the last coat of paint thoroughly dry.


Can you sand Redgard?

To make the surface smooth and bump-free, we sand it. Redgard waterproofing may be rough. Sanding Redgard waterproofing may make it smooth. But sanding won’t make the waterproofing any better. Before painting Redgard waterproofing, sand it. To make the paint stick to the surface, however, a primer is required.

Can you apply Redgard over painted concrete?

Redgard is a waterproofing concrete layer. Redgard will therefore stick to the painted surface. When you apply Redgard over painted concrete, you don’t need primer since Redgard’s strong bonding will make it stick to the surface.

How long can Redgard be exposed?

Redgard can be exposed for 1–1.5 hours which is the average curing time. When you apply Redgard, you cannot instantly cover the surface. This exposure cures Redgard, and after, protect the Redgard surface from rain, direct sunlight, and harsh weather for 72 hours.

What paints can you paint over Redgard?

Here is the type of paints safe to use with Redgard waterproofing.

  • Acrylic paint
  • Latex paint (Note: Not a suitable protection for Redgard)
  • Concrete porch and patio paints
  • Spray paint

Will Thinset Stick to Redgard?

Unmodified thin-set sticks to Redgard waterproofing membrane this adding a waterproofing layer to shower walls and floor tile.

Can I Tile Redgard?

There’s no point in putting another final coat on Redgard before you start tiling. Any surface painted, such as paint over Redgard, is a waste of time if you will tile directly over Redgard. Once you have painted Redgard, wait for nearly 24 hours before installing tile.

Will Redgard Stick to Primer?

Primer improves paint adherence on any surface. Still, Redgard protects the painted surface. Priming helps paint stick to Redgard surface.

On Redgard surfaces, not all primer types work well. Choose your primer type carefully. Apply thinset over your final coat of Redgard if the primer doesn’t blend. After that, prime over it before adding your first coat of paint. (Learn How Much Does A Paint Can Weigh)

Can You Use Redgard On Basement Walls?

Almost all of today’s waterproofing products can be employed to coat basement walls. However, among the many sale options that have flooded the market, Redgard remains a stand out.

Aside from that, it boasts excellent waterproofing qualities once dry and adheres to any surface enduringly.

redgard on drywall

Can I Use Redgard on Drywall?

Redgard is a liquid waterproofing membrane that can be painted onto surfaces. You can use Redgard on drywall and turn it into a waterproof surface, but it is not designed for that purpose and it does not make drywall fit for use in wet areas.

Can You Put Redgard Over Silicone?

Silicone caulking seals tubs and showers for many homeowners.

Silicone won’t provide waterproofing, so you need Redgard to be completely waterproof.

  1. Install Redgard before silicone.
  2. After everything is dry, apply silicone caulking to cover everything.
  3. To seal the surface, remove the silicone.

How to Apply Redgard

  1. Before you install Redgard, ensure the surface is clean and dry.
  2. Shake your tin of Redgard for 20 seconds.
  3. Precoat the walls and floors intersect with your first coat.
  4. Spread the Redgard at least 6 inches on both sides of the intersection.
  5. After the dry time is due, you can add an extra generous layer or add two coats if you need assurance of the waterproofing ability.
  6. When the second coat is dry, examine and fill any spaces of pinholes.
  7. Most homeowners find the simple steps to stop minor cracks from spreading.

regard toxic

Is Redgard Toxic?

Redgard can threaten your health if you are over-exposed.

How to Remove Redgard From Bathtubs?

After Redgard has dried, getting rid of it is extremely challenging. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. We believe that using any solvent is a far better option for safely melting down the Redgard from its place. Paint strippers and even paint removers are examples of such solvents.

Will Redgard Stick to the Cement Board?

To prevent future leaks and cracks, Redgard, a flexible polymer, can be applied to most surfaces. Most homeowners are curious to know how well it performs on cement board panels. It will stick to all cement board panels, particularly if you use a 3/4″ nap roller.

Note: Painting over Redgard with a coat of paint can leave your cement board walls vulnerable after a time.

What Is Redgard Waterproofing?

For use on a variety of stone and tiles installations, Redgard waterproofing is a liquid waterproofing membrane. On stone walls, and tile floors in any shower room, this product reduces the spread of cracks and boasts remarkable adherence.

Does Redgard Stick to Joint Compound?

If you take the necessary steps, Redgard will stick to any joint compound. However, many factors can prevent it from being effective on joint chemicals. A powdered joint compound with a dusty surface is one example.

Can You Skim Over Redgard?

Redgard is a superb water proofer, but it still requires a skim coating component to give surfaces a beautiful finish before installation once the product dries. A skim coat is made with a curing process that removes bond failure or installation problems.

Additionally, it helps prevent future cracks and discoloration of resilient flooring even after the first coat by too much moisture.

How Dry is Concrete Before Applying Redgard?

The surface must be completely dry before Redgard can be installed since it seals moisture inside and out of concrete. (Read Can You Paint Acrylic Over Enamel)

Conclusion: Can You Paint Over Redgard?

If the surface has been adequately primed using a good primer, you can paint over Redgard.

Whether or not Redgard can be painted over depends on the quality of the primer. Decide carefully which type of primer you be painting on your walls and floors using Redgard.

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