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Do Pet Birds Poop Everywhere

Birds are wonderful pets, and it’s a fantastic feeling when you can teach your parrots, cockatoos, budgies, or ravens to speak. Many bird owners find their feathered friends highly intelligent and like having them outside their cage. Most birds that are pets can be trained to a certain degree to fly around the home and be a part of the family.

However, once you first do this, can spot bird poop everywhere. Now, like other birds, it helps to know do pet birds poop everywhere and what can you do about it?

Pet birds poop tend to poop wherever, as you can see from the frequent cage cleaning required, and with regards to training, it is possible, yet it could be a challenge. In our guide, you can learn more about how often do cockatoos poop and what you can do with your pet birds to avoid too much mess.

By the end, you’ll know much more about life with an animal with wings and why house training a dog is easier than teaching your budgie where to poo and leave their droppings. (Read Can Dogs Eat Spring Rolls)

Pet Birds Poop Everywhere

How Often Do Birds Poop?

Approximately three or four times every hour, budgies poop. However, they don’t poop as frequently at night, and the first in the morning will be more significant and unpleasant. Remember, most pet birds are small when talking of birds pooping and can include budgies, parrots, lovebirds, and more, which are the most popular birds pet owners choose to own.

It seems a bird’s size correlates to the number of times they poop in a day. Smaller birds poop more frequently, but their poops are small so the poop won’t smell. When larger birds are considered, such as the macaw, they only poop 15 to 20 times per day, unlike a budgie. However, a larger bird produces more poop.

How To Clean Up After Your Bird

You won’t have much bird poop to clean up with small birds like finches or lovebirds. These birds poop more but don’t create a mess. Budgies, parrots, and ravens love self-cleaning, so your bird won’t need regular cleaning.

Cleaning their poop is your job; this bird poop is typically soft. Light-colored bird poop doesn’t stain carpets or your couch, and you’ll need to carry out daily cage cleaning to avoid any smells in your house.

In conclusion, paper towels and disinfectant spray clear up most bird poops for bigger birds.

Can I Potty Train A My Bird?

Potty training a bird is possible, and bird owners do train pets to poop in set places that they cover with paper towels or rags. The closer the location is to where the bird hangs out, the fewer accidents and easier potty training.

You must be patient and kind to potty train your bird. Negative reinforcement cannot potty train birds. Birds are stressed easily. The smaller the bird, the longer it takes to catch on.

Choose a spot for your bird to eliminate. Choose a spot near where your bird spends the day. Birds only poop everywhere if they can. It’s harmful to your pet bird to fly around the house, so don’t allow it. Make sure your bird is only outside the cage with supervision.

Then you need to learn the signs. Most parrots and budgies fluff or tilt their tail before leaving. You must hustle it to the pooping spot when your bird fluffs up. Your bird will eventually learn to poop only there.

Giving it a treat when it starts going there on its own is encouraging and the best form of positive reinforcement. Understand that each bird is unique, and when you ask, do pet birds poop everywhere, there won’t be a timeline to get your bird poops in one location. (Read Do Dogs Have Butts)

Potty Train you Parrot

How Can A Parrot Poop?

Parrots’ poop locations are infamous. However, that does not mean that all parrots will poop all over the house, as there are many circumstances we cannot control or are aware of!

So the main question was, will a pet bird poop all over the house?

Any pet may not know when to go potty. They don’t have the same brain size as humans, which lets us know when to go to the bathroom. If you cage your birds, they’ll probably poop in the cage rather than all over the house.

Parrot owners realize you can’t leave a pet there 24/7, so it’s vital to know you face the risk of bird poops when you let them out. When your parrot starts flying, you may feel that any house is vulnerable.

As many parrot owners know, their pet bird will fly its own path, and once they do, you can quickly identify their favorite places to go and land. Monitoring them for a bit is the best advice anyone can give.

Note: Excessive poops can require a vet’s help, as there are a set number of times any bird will go in the day. (Read Can Bunnies And Chickens Live Together)

Can I potty-train my parrot?

Train yourself before potty training your bird.

  1. Every day as you interact with your parrot, you must pay special attention to any “signals” that you observe or that your parrot may send you before doing his business.
  2. These can be as small as a change in how your parrot is standing, a “look” in its eyes, or when it fluffs its tail.
  3. Every bird uses different body language, but if you know your parrot well and learn to “read” it, you may quickly learn to use these signals to your advantage.
  4. Next, pay close attention to how often your parrot poops and work out its poop schedule.
  5. You may teach your parrot where to go to the bathroom once you understand its natural bathroom schedule.
  6. Decide where your bird will poop initially.
  7. This might be its cage, a bin, or an old newspaper.
  8. Since waste paper is the most portable and easy to dispose of, many parrot owners educate their birds to poop in the right place.
  9. Praise your parrot for pooping in the proper place.
  10. It will eventually realize that pooping in the appropriate room area offers great rewards. However, this can take months, so don’t get mad if your parrot “misses the spot” or has a few accidents.
  11. Always pay attention to your parrot’s body language and poop routine, and provide the right area to poop.

How to set up pooping stations

At the endpoints of the flight paths, if you can offer some stable, huge perched “pooping stations,” your pet bird will typically move toward them.

  1. Just before takeoff or right after landing, the parrots will poop.
  2. A branch that is 1 to 2 inches thick and 2 to 3 feet long and mounted on a set of brackets 2 feet from the ceiling and 6 to 12 inches away from the wall is an example of a nice poop station.
  3. The shelf to capture all the poop is about a foot below that on a few more brackets.
  4. To make it a little bit simpler to clean, cover the shelf with paper.

Do Pet Birds Poop Everywhere?

All creatures must poop, and in the wild, animal waste is incredibly good for the soil. Since there is no potty training for animals in the wild to keep them from pooping everywhere, practically anywhere can serve as a bird’s toilet.

So, pet birds will poop everywhere if they are not kept in a cage.

To disseminate seeds and promote plant health by spreading manure, it can occasionally be beneficial for birds to poop everywhere. In a pet bird, the same feces behavior will be evident.

Birds poop in water bowl


Why do birds poop in their water bowl?

Birds excrete all of their waste through feces because they do not urinate. Sadly, they could also excrete essential minerals in their feces. Some birds ingest poop water to replace their body’s natural bacteria levels is the answer.

The budgie could overdose if this is done, which is not good. Teach the bird how to defecate safely and feeding supplements to replenish its bird needs if you notice it doing this in its cages.

Do birds poop while flying?

When it comes to pooping while flying, birds can seem like target bombers. Right in front of your face or on whatever food you were going to eat, the poop will fall, and it’s no fun.

Because they can, birds poop while flying; it is a natural digestive response. Potty-trained birds are less likely to poop when soaring indoors.

Can bird poop be dangerous to humans?

Bird poop, like all poop, provides the ideal environment for parasites and other disease-causing organisms to flourish. It is unsafe to consume any food contaminated by bird poop.

Aside from the risks associated with eating bird poop, its high acid content also has the potential to harm structures.

Because birds do not urinate, it appears as though their poop also includes urine. Cleaning up as soon as a bird has pooped is essential to prevent damage to the affected surface. (Learn How Long Does It Take A Peacock Egg To Hatch)


To sum up, if a bird that hasn’t been potty trained is allowed loose in the house, it can and will poop everywhere. While this is beneficial in the wild because it helps seed dissemination, it can become a real problem in homes.

You can teach them to poop in certain areas when they exhibit signs of doing so. These animals can also poop while flying; since the poop can harm people, we advise avoiding it as much as possible.

However, if they are scared by your cat, you can’t stop them pooping wherever they are.

Do Pet Birds Poop Everywhere