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Can Refrigerator Doors Be Removed For Delivery

The size of refrigerators continues to grow, and there are many models and designs to choose. While this shouldn’t pose much of an issue, many older homes don’t have doorways large enough for them to easily fit through.

Most times, you find the door handles cause the issues, and things sticking out from the rear.  The problem comes with a new refrigerator; you can remove fixed items, so is it possible for removing refrigerator doors for delivery into your home?

Luckily, the answer is yes, and your refrigerator doors can be removed for delivery. Another good thing is not so much how to take refrigerator doors off, but who will do the task? (Learn How To Remove Agitator From Maytag Bravos Washer)

Can Refrigerator Doors Be Removed For Delivery

You should hopefully find the delivery people to remove the refrigerator doors if your appliance is big and won’t squeeze through your door.

In our guide, you can learn more about buying a new fridge and how to get it into your home.

By the end, you’ll know enough if the delivery guys won’t remove the fridge door. Also, you’ll have the knowledge to know that most refrigerator doors come off quickly.

It won’t take long to remove refrigerator door and have your brand-new fridge through your small doorway and located in your kitchen with little more than a glance at the manual.

How Do You Get A Large Refrigerator Through a Door?

If every home had a French door, it would be easy to deliver a refrigerator. Unfortunately, however, we aren’t that lucky, and most have a front door, so we need to struggle.

When you need to take doors off the hinges, you can follow the steps here:

Disconnect Water Line and Electrical Cable

You must disconnect the water line and the electrical cord if the refrigerator has a water dispenser, ice maker, or similar device installed within the door.

You must unplug the refrigerator if it is attached, especially if there is an ice maker in the door. However, this would be moving it from your kitchen to another rather than if you purchase a new fridge.

water line

Remove Fridge’s Front Grille

The next step is to remove the front grille from the refrigerator’s bottom. You can get rid of it by pulling on it.

The front grille can be removed with the doors closed on GE refrigerators; however, the doors must be open and positioned 90 degrees on the hinges of your fridge if it’s any of the Whirlpool models.

This is because the waterline is located below the grille and will be removed by pulling the supply hose off its connector.

Remove The Front Door

You can now remove the door after you’ve disconnected the waterline, electrical wire, and front grille.

To take the door, unscrew and detach the hinge bracket on the top of the refrigerator’s door with an Allen wrench or a Phillips screwdriver. In most models, there are three screws.

Lift the Door

After removing the three screws on the hinge bracket, you may pull the door off the pivot. Again, you’ll want to take extra precautions because the door may be heavier than you expected.

If the door is too heavy for you to lift and lean against the wall, enlist the help of a friend. Whirlpool refrigerator doors must be laid on a towel rather than lying against the wall.

interior removable parts

Interior Removable Parts When Moving Refrigerator

Remove all shelves, drawers, and trays to carry a fridge safely. Then, carefully bundle these parts alongside your plates as part of your fragile kitchenware.

Remember that replacements for these parts are challenging to come by, and even if you do, they can be costly. (Learn How To Level A Ceiling With Furring Strips)

LG refrigerator

Can LG Refrigerator Doors Be Removed For Delivery?

When you need to move your new LG 4-door French door refrigerator to another room, LG makes it simple.

  1. Measure the width of your door opening.
  2. If your door opening isn’t large enough, you may need to remove the unit’s French Door and freezer doors to pass through.
  3. A small flat blade screwdriver, a small Phillips head screwdriver, gloves, a small ladder, and 2 1/2 inch (10 mm) are all required instruments.
  4. Turn off the water valve supplying water to the refrigerator.
  5. Any residual water in the water line should be removed.
  6. Remove the unit from the wall outlet and unplug it. Before attempting to move the refrigerator, make sure it is empty.
  7. Let’s start with the freezer drawer. With both hands on either end, fully extend and remove the lower shelf beneath the pull-out drawer. And then pull it up and out of the support rails, setting it aside.
  8. Remove the screw on the outside rail using a small Phillips head screwdriver.
  9. Do this on both sides. Grab each end of the freezer drawer with both hands. Tilt it to the inside of the rails and lift it off the rail tabs and place it on the side.
  10. Remember: Never carry doors or drawers by the handle as it leads to damage to the door, drawer, handle, property, or yourself.
  11. Push the spring-loaded rails to their closed-door position by pushing them back.
  12. To test the movement, press and pull out the rail a small amount. Then, it should return to its original place.
  13. During transportation, it will not come out.
  14. Tape the ends of the pull-out drawer to prevent it from coming out when the unit is moved.
  15. Pull the drawer to its maximum length to remove the custom chill drawer.
  16. Next, grab each end of your Chill bin with both hands to lift and tilt the shelf then lift out.
  17. A plug connects to your Custom Chill Drawer control panel on the inside right of the rail.
  18. By pressing on the small tab located here and pulling it apart, you can disconnect and remove this.
  19. With both hands on each end of the inside drawer, tilt and lift the drawer.
  20. Unplug the refrigerator power wire from the wall outlet.
  21. Before attempting to remove the doors, this must be completed.
  22. Start with the door on the left. The water line behind the refrigerator must first be disconnected. Press down on the small clip on top of the collet, then and pull it apart from the water hose.
  23. Use your small ladder and locate the hinge cover on the top left side of the refrigerator.
  24. Using a small Phillips head screwdriver, remove the single small Phillips screw.
  25. Remove the lid now. The water line hose is now ready to be removed, as illustrated. Pull the water hose out as far as you can.
  26. Two major electrical connections must be disconnected.
  27. Press the tab displayed and pull it apart for the small square 6 pin. Next, squeeze the tabs on each end of the broad wide connector and pull apart.
  28. Don’t pull or tug on the wires that connect it to the plugs.
  29. Before removing the green ground wire, ensure the unit is unplugged from the wall socket.
  30. Remove the screw using a Phillips head screwdriver and pull the wire out.
  31. To loosen the hinge, turn the lever depicted here in a counterclockwise direction.
  32. Use a flat blade screwdriver or a Phillips head screwdriver below to lift the top hinge gently.
  33. Pull the wires from the hinge’s side and set the hinge aside.
  34. During this step, ensure to retain the upper doors that may have come free during the hinge removal.
  35. With both hands, slowly open the door and lift it off the bottom hinge. And set the door side on a soft, cushioned surface with care.
  36. Remove the Phillips head screw and lift the second hinge cover off to remove the right side of the door.
  37. To disconnect the electrical connectors, push the tabs on both. Then, turn the lever in a clockwise direction.
  38. As you lift the hinge off, remove the wires from the hinge. Next, lift the right door off the hinge with both hands and set it on a soft, covered surface.
  39. The refrigerator should now be able to push through the door. However, if a doorway is narrower than planned, you may need to remove the hinge brackets around the refrigerator’s center, where the doors are located.
  40. Unscrew the bolts and single Phillips head screw from both sides of the hinge with a 10-millimeter socket wrench and a small Phillips head screwdriver.
  41. With the hinge brackets removed, the refrigerator should now be able to clear the entry.

How Do You Get A Refrigerator Through A Small Door?

Remove the doors if you need to fit your refrigerator through a small doorway or are tossing it away.

This is also how to reverse French door doors.

You rarely require a guidebook for this because most models use the same technique.

However, if your model contains an ice maker or water dispenser and you can’t find the water hoses and electrical cords, consult the manual. They’re generally in one of two spots, so you shouldn’t have to. (Read Wire Size For 50 Amp Range Guide)

Getting Ready

Most modern refrigerators feature a water dispenser, icemaker, or both in one door; you must disconnect the water line and electrical cable to remove the door.

Before removing the ice maker refrigerator doors, unplug the refrigerator and turn off the water valve, if possible.

Next, pull the front grille from the bottom of the device. For GE refrigerator door removal, you can perform this with closed doors, but for Whirlpool models, the doors must be open and skewed 90 degrees to the refrigerator body.

The water line is located behind the grille, and you can disconnect it by pulling the supply hose from the connector.

The ice maker cable is sometimes next to the water line; you disconnect it by pulling it apart.

GE and Frigidaire models have the cable under a cap on the top hinge. Unscrew and remove the cap and pull the connector apart.

Taking Off the Door

You can remove the door after disconnecting the water line, power cable, and shelves. To do this, unscrew and remove the top door hinge.

Model-dependent: socket wrench, Allen wrench, or Phillips screwdriver.

Three screws are common, so, remove them and lift off the bracket, then feed the electrical cable through as you lift if necessary.

Get some help and lift the door off the bottom pivot because it’s heavy. Whirlpool recommends resting it on a towel on the floor rather than against a wall. Then, remove with the other door.


Refrigerator Door Removal Law

Abandoning an old refrigerator with its doors open could have someone locked inside. Abandoning an outdated refrigerator is a crime in California, punishable by up to six months in jail and penalties. New York has comparable legislation.

Most states require you to have the refrigerant professionally removed before abandoning an old refrigerator. So, if you are going to pay for this, you might as well have the new appliance delivered and the old fridge taken away.

Do Refrigerators Get Delivered With The Doors Off Costco?

Installation of a refrigerator includes the following services: If necessary, the delivery service will remove the refrigerator and freezer doors to get it into the house.

The delivery company will cover finished floors with a protective covering to prevent property damage. (Learn How To Lift A Washing Machine Onto A Pedestal)

Are all fridges delivered with doors off?

Not every new refrigerator comes with the doors removed. However, going in and out with many single door, top, and bottom fridge doors on your refrigerators is simple.

With double-door refrigerators, however, it becomes more difficult. The doors in your home also influence whether the fridge doors need to be removed.

The model for removing the doors on older models of refrigerators is simple.

Refrigerators containing ice makers and water dispensers make a different story. Because mechanical and electrical connections connect the door and the body, removing the doors will remove some skills. Many delivery guys, such as those from Home Depot, do this.

There’s no need to remove refrigerator doors if you have double leafed or French doors in your home.

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