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How To Catch A Cricket

Catching crickets can be an enjoyable and rewarding activity, whether it’s for observing them up close or using them as live bait, or to get rid of them from your home. However, it can also be challenging, as crickets are fast creatures to evade capture quickly. One effective method for trapping crickets is by using sticky traps or tape.

These traps work by using the cricket’s natural inclination to stick to surfaces, making it an easy and humane way to catch them. Alternatively, you can use a clean glass jar or plastic bottle to catch a cricket. Simply place a bit of sugar or bread crumbs inside the jar or bottle, and the cricket will crawl in to feed.

Another approach is to lure crickets using sound. Male crickets produce a chirping sound to attract females, so by mimicking this sound with a device or even your voice, you can entice crickets to come closer. Another way to attract crickets is by leaving porch lights on at night, as crickets are naturally drawn to light.


In our guide, if you have a cricket problem or wish to catch wild crickets for other reasons, you can learn how to do it here. By the end, you’ll have enough ways to keep crickets outside your home where they belong. (Read Can Chickens Eat Snap Peas)

Understanding Crickets

Crickets are insects belonging to the family Gryllidae, and many species of crickets exist worldwide. They are found in almost every part of the world except the polar regions. Crickets are usually found in grassy areas, fields, and forests.

Some species of crickets prefer to hide in the ground, while others you can hear in plants or other objects. Crickets are also attracted to sound and light, so their chirping sound can be heard at night.

Tools and Equipment

You’ll need some basic tools and equipment when looking at how to trap a cricket. A clean glass jar with a lid is one of the essential tools. This jar will trap the crickets inside and should be large enough to hold several crickets. You will also need a piece of bread or some bread crumbs to be used as bait to kill crickets.

You may also need a cardboard box, a plastic bottle, and duct tape. These tools will make traps for the crickets. If you use sticky cricket traps yourself, you will need granulated sugar, soda, or other substances. You can also purchase commercial sticky cricket traps from a pest control store.

Methods for Catching Crickets

There are several methods for catching crickets, each with advantages and disadvantages. This section will first discuss the most popular ways for catching live crickets.

Wild Cricket Trapping

One of the most popular methods for catching crickets is wild cricket trapping. This method involves creating a trap using a cardboard box, plastic bottle, or open jar. To create a used cricket trap using a cardboard box, cut a hole in the box’s side and place a piece of bread or bread crumbs inside. Leave the box at the front door, where crickets hide, and wait for the crickets to enter the box.

To create a trap using a plastic bottle, cut the top off it and invert it so the opening faces downward. Place a generous spoonful of a sugary substance, like soda, sugar water, or molasses, inside the bottle. Leave the empty bottle upside down in an area where crickets hide and wait for the crickets to enter the bottle and eat it.

To create a cricket trap using an open jar, place a piece of bread or some bread crumbs inside the jar. Leave the jar in an area or house where crickets hide and wait for the crickets to enter the jar. Be sure to check the jar regularly and release any captured crickets. (Read When Is Zucchini Bad)

Homemade Sticky Traps

Another popular method for catching crickets is to use homemade sticky traps. You will need a generous spoonful of granulated sugar or soda to make a sticky trap. Place the sugar or soda on duct tape, with the sticky side facing up. Place the duct tape in an area where crickets hide and wait for the crickets to become stuck to the tape.

Another method for making a homemade sticky trap is to place just a few drops of a sugary substance, like soda or sugar water, on paper or cardboard. Place one cricket trap in each area where crickets hide and wait for the crickets and other insects to become stuck to the sticky substance.

Commercial Sticky Traps

You can purchase commercial sticky traps from a pest control store if you do not want to make your own. These traps attract, kill and capture crickets and are easy to use. Place the trap where crickets hide and wait for the crickets to become stuck in the trap.

Attracting Crickets

Another method for catching crickets is to attract them using sound and light. Female crickets are attracted to the male chirping cricket so that you can use a recording of cricket chirp sounds to lure them out of hiding. You can also use a flashlight or a porch light to attract crickets.

Lure Crickets

If you want to catch female crickets alive, you can use a cricket lure. A cricket lure is a small device that emits a sound that is like the sound of a female cricket. Male crickets are attracted to this sound and will come out of hiding to find the female cricket. You can purchase a cricket lure from a pest control store.

Tips for Successful Cricket Catching

cricket insect

To increase your chances of catching crickets, there are several tips you should remember. The best time of day to catch crickets is at night or in the early morning when they are most active. You should also look for hiding places, like under rocks, plants, or other objects.

If you do not want to keep the other insects or crickets you have caught in your cricket traps, get rid of them away from your home. Remove them from the trap or jar and release them in an area where crickets live and they can find food and shelter.

How to Attract Crickets?

A cricket feeder is a small container that holds food and water for crickets or any other insect you wish to deal with. You can purchase a cricket feeder at most pet stores or make your own feed using a plastic container with a lid.

Another effective way to attract crickets is by using a jar trap. You will need a clean glass jar, masking tape, and a few drops of honey or molasses to make a jar trap. Another way to attract these insects is to leave a bowl of soup on the ground outside. (Read Does Putting Grass Clippings On Bare Spots Help Grass Grow)

How to Catch Crickets?

There are several ways how to catch crickets without killing them. Here are some ways to trap a cricket, including a net and light trap.

Identify their Food and Water Source

The first step in catching crickets is identifying their food and water sources. Crickets are attracted to food sources like bread, crumbs, sugar, and vegetables. They are also attracted to hot weather and moist environments, so eliminate any standing water or damp areas in your home or garden.

Pesticides to Control Cricket Infestation

If you have a severe cricket infestation, you may need to use pesticides to control the problem. You can purchase commercial sticky traps or use a pesticide spray to kill crickets. However, it is essential to use caution when using pesticides, as they can harm humans, animals, and pets.

Quick Methods to Trap Crickets

If you need a quick solution to catch crickets, there are several methods you can use. These include:

Aluminum Can Trap

Cut an aluminum can in half and place a few drops of honey or molasses inside the can. Place the top half of the can upside down into the bottom half, creating a funnel. The crickets will crawl into the can to get the honey and become trapped.

Syrup Trap

Mix equal parts of corn syrup and water and pour it into a shallow dish. The crickets will be attracted to the sweet smell and trapped in the syrup.

Cup Method

Fill a cup halfway with water and add a few drops of dish soap. The crickets will be attracted to the water and jump into the cup. The soap will prevent them from being able to crawl out of the water.

How to Kill Crickets Instantly?

insect spray

If you want to get rid of crickets quickly, there are several methods you can use. These include using bug sprays found in stores, homemade cricket spray, and food-grade diatomaceous earth.

Bug Sprays Found in Stores

You can purchase bug sprays specifically designed to kill crickets at most hardware stores. Follow the instructions carefully and take care when using these products.

Homemade Cricket Spray

Mix equal water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the solution directly on the crickets. The acid in the vinegar will kill the crickets.

Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

This is a natural, non-toxic powder that is effective in killing crickets. Sprinkle the powder in areas where crickets are active, and they will become dehydrated and die. (Learn How To Make Birds Outside Shut Up)

Where do Crickets Hide in Your House?

Crickets can hide in various places in your home, including cardboard boxes, under furniture, and cracks and crevices. They are attracted to warm, damp environments, so ensure to eliminate any areas of moisture to help keep crickets in your home.

You can also use sticky or light traps to catch crickets hiding in your home.

How To Catch A Cricket