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How To Lift A Washing Machine Onto A Pedestal

The dynamics of doing laundry have changed thanks to front-load washing machines. Generally speaking, with an old washer, you need to bend down to place the dirty laundry in the washer and pull the clean laundry out rather than loading and unloading from the top.

While it may not make a huge difference, it can lead to discomfort and inconvenience. To overcome this, there are stacking kits you can purchase, yet these typically only work with the same brand of machines. In addition, if your room isn’t the correct height, it could be a struggle to stack laundry units in your home.

As a solution, manufacturers offered simple devices where you could install a pedestal. As a result, the washer and dryer sit higher, thus offering better access. In our guide, you can learn more about lifting a washing machine or how to do it with help to make it easier and safer. (Read Can I Use 10/3 Wire For A Stove)

By the end, you’ll know much more about installing a pedestal washer and other things you need to know.

How Do You Lift A Washing Machine On A Pedestal By Yourself?

Here are the basic steps if you need to know how to lift a washing machine. Move the hand holding the front leg stand to the back corner, so you’re holding both sides.

Lift the washing machine onto your leg. Pull the appliance up to your chest and maintain a 45-degree angle with your arms. In reality, it isn’t so easy to lift the whole thing onto a pedestal. It is better to have help.

In our guide, you can learn more about all the steps you need to put washers and dryers on the correct pedestal. You’ll see that getting the correct pedestal starts with the washer or dryer model number and then a few simple tools for tightening screws or adjusting the leveling feet.

How Can I Lift My Washing Machine By Myself?

When using a pedestal for your washers and dryers, you can lift them alone as they need to be placed flat. Here are the steps for you to follow.

Washer Preparation

  1. Pull the washer’s power cord from the wall.
  2. Pull the washer away from the wall to access the water hoses.
  3. Turn off the water supply valves and unscrew the water hoses from the supply valves. Lower each hose into a bucket to collect water.
  4. Move the washer away from the wall to reach both sides or put it on its side.

Pedestal Secured to Washer

  1. Lay a blanket on the floor.
  2. Cover the washer’s left side with a blanket. Leave the side of the washer on the blanket. Avoid laying the washer on its right side could damage its transmission.
  3. Remove the washer’s feet. Twist them counterclockwise to remove them from the washer cabinet.
  4. Remove the drawer from the pedestal if it has one. Then, align the pedestal and washer to put the pedestal on the washer’s floor.
  5. Bolt or install the pedestal screws. Depending on the manufacturer, hex-head bolts, sheet metal screws, or hex-head screws attach to the pedestal.
  6. If not, install pedestal leveling feet. Turn the pedestal’s clockwise-provided feet. Some makers install leveling feet during the process.
  7. Raise the washer. Replace the drawer on the pedestal.
  8. Put a level on the top of the washer. Turning a wrench counterclockwise raises or lowers the pedestal’s feet. Continue raising and lowering the pedestal feet until the washer is level.
  9. Replace the washer and pedestal.
  10. Plug in the washer’s water hoses.

Bracket-Secured Pedestals

  1. Get help to lift the washer onto the pedestal.
  2. Insert the washer’s feet in the pedestal’s slots.
  3. Put a level on the top of the washer. Turning the washer’s feet counterclockwise raises or lowers them.
  4. Continue adjusting the feet until the washer is leveled on the pedestal.
  5. Align the brackets’ mounting holes with the pedestals.
  6. Screw the brackets to the pedestal with the metal screws provided. Each pedestal bracket has two screws.
  7. Remove the brackets’ adhesive backing and push the brackets against the washer cabinet sides.
  8. Adjust the washer’s pedestal feet so it’s level front-to-back and left-to-right.
  9. Replace your washer and pedestal.
  10. Plug in the washer’s water hoses.

Washing Machine On A Pedestal

How Do You Move A Washing Machine To A Pedestal?

Place one person on the left and another on the right of the washing machine and open the front door. Support the front of the machine. (Learn How To Remove Wax Ring Residue)

Lift the machine with your legs, not your arms or back.

Are front-load washer pedestals Universal?

Front-load washers and dryers require pedestals. A pedestal cannot be used to stack a washer and dryer. When you buy your washer and dryer, check if matching laundry pedestals are available.

Are pedestals for the washer/dryer worth it?

Height enhancers for many front-loaders are excellent as they help with cleaning. You can buy pedestals for the washer and its matching dryer to raise your front-loading washer and front load dryer to 15 inches.

How do self-leveling washer legs work?

The front legs may be adjusted one inch up or down, while the back legs are self-leveling. The nylon feet have a rubber bottom. Tip the machine forward so the back legs are roughly 4″ off the floor to activate the rear self-leveling system. The washer is then dropped to position the rear legs. (Read Fix Attic Door Guide)

Are Samsung washer pedestals Universal?

Samsung pedestals for washer and dryer models aren’t universal across the entire line. Front-loading Samsung models fit the company’s pedestals, while top-loading machines don’t.

Do all front-load washers vibrate?

Front-load washers create more vibration than top-load machines. This is because they spin faster, which helps save energy needed for drying, and the spin adds vibration. First, ensure the washer is level and all four feet are firmly planted on the floor.

Can you stack a washer on a washer?

While washer and dryer models from the same brand may be interchangeable, you cannot stack laundry units from different brands. You should also remember that only front-load laundry appliances can securely fit each other in stacking kits.

Will a New Samsung washer fit on an old pedestal?

Best answer: No, you can’t install a new washer on an old pedestal laundry accessory. (Learn How To Remove Pedestal From LG Washer)

Will LG pedestals fit Samsung?

Pedestals are customized to the machine or washer/dryer. The pedestal is the correct size; however, the washer/dryer feet will not fit in the leg guides.

What is a stacking kit for a washer and dryer?

A stacking kit consists of fittings for a front-load washer and dryer. In addition, the kit includes locks and screws to connect two appliances. Front-loading washers and dryers only can be stacked.

Top load or Front load Washer

Which is better top load or front load?

Front washers have better features than top washers. Also, front-loading washers are more energy and water-efficient. On the other hand, top-loading washers save money initially but use more water than front-loading washers.

Can you use LG SideKick by itself?

The LG SideKick and front-load washer run independently, so you may wash one hot load and one cool. Start, stop, or open either washer’s door without disturbing the other. (Learn How To Remove Grease From Granite Backsplash)

How Can One Person Lift A Washing Machine?

Two people should always lift a washing machine.

  1. First, decide who will be in charge of the top and bottom of the washing machine.
  2. Do you have the upper hand? At the back of the machine, grab the top.
  3. Pull the top of the device towards you and take a step back to tilt it.
  4. If you’re holding the bottom, grab the front leg on one side and the back of the washing machine on the other.
  5. Lift the washing machine onto your leg.
  6. Pull the appliance up to your chest and maintain a 45-degree angle with your arms.
  7. Put the washing machine on a low setting.
  8. The final step is to lower the washing machine slowly.
  9. The washing machine should now be in its ultimate position.
  10. Now that your washing machine is properly positioned, it’s time to connect the water.

You can use the same steps to move a dryer.

How To Lift A Washing Machine Onto A Pedestal