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How To Remove Pedestal From LG Washer

When you purchased your washer and dryer pedestal, you were probably excited to have extra storage right in your washing machine base. However, you can find this extra storage is rarely used. Besides this, if you move home, you can find your new laundry room doesn’t cater for pedestals, and you need to know how to remove washer pedestal.

In an overview, to remove a pedestal from a washer or dryer, loosen each pedestal’s four clips holding the washer’s or dryer’s feet in place. Next, rock the washer/dryer slightly to release the seal between it and the pedestal, then lift off.

In our guide, you can learn more about doing this as it can be more involved. In the quick direction, it hasn’t mentioned you slide your washer out so you can access all sides.

By the end, you’ll see how to remove drawer from washer pedestal or the entire thing should it get stuck, and you no longer wish to use the LG washing machine pedestal. (Learn How Long Before Putting Appliances On New Tile)

Remove drawer from washer pedestal

How To Remove Pedestal From LG Washing Machine and Dryer

1. Turn Off The Power and Water

Before working on any major appliance, you’ll want to make sure to shut off the water and power and gather any tools you might need:

  • A Philips Head screwdriver
  • A large bucket to drain the hose
  • Microfiber towels to dust
  • Wet and Dry vac to clean out the washer/dryer closet
  • Duct tape (just in case you need a quick fix)
  1. Unplug the machine from the wall and turn off the hot and cold water lines. (depending on model, you could just have a cold water hose).
  2. If you don’t have shutdown valves near the washer, use the main water shutoff, which is usually in the basement, utility room, or garage.
  3. Once everything is off, use your bucket to capture any remaining water as you detach and drain the hot and cold water lines.
  4. Unscrew the clamp ring around the dryer vent to detach it.

Guide to Remove Pedestal

2. Remove Pedestal Clips

Each pedestal has corner clips. Using a Philips head screwdriver, remove the screws from each clip. On average, each model has 4 clips.

After removing all screws from each clip, rock the washer or dryer back and forth to break any seals.

If it’s been sitting for a while and has had detergent splashes, unstick them before lifting.

3. Lift Washer and Dryer Off Your Pedestal

After breaking any seal between the washer or dryer’s feet and pedestal, take it off.

Gently lift the washer or dryer up to the side to clear the pedestal. A spotter can help you determine when you’ve gone far enough, but it’s unnecessary.

Remove Pedestal Drawer on LG Washing Machine

You’ll need to remove the drawer from the LG washing machine pedestal if items are stuck behind the drawer.

Unlike most model of pedestals, the LG pedestal model does not let you disconnect the drawer from the drawer slides if you fill them too much. (Learn How To Cover Drywall Seams Without Mud)

Removing installed pedestal drawer on LG washing machine needs disassembling it from the guide rail.

  1. Empty everything from your open LG washing machine pedestal drawer.
  2. Pull the drawer out until fully extended.
  3. Search for two screws on each side of the drawer. These line up with slots or holes on the drawer sliding rails.
  4. Remove the screws from the using a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  5. Grab the sides of the panel front door, then pull from the slide and the pedestal.

LG Front Load Washer and Dryer – Pedestal Installation

Knowing how to remove a pedestal means you will need to know how to install one. For reference, here are the steps to complete this task.

  1. The pedestal elevates your washer for easier access and gives extra laundry storage.
  2. Adjust the pedestal feet to level the washer, per the owner’s handbook. Position the pedestal. Using the provided tool, level the pedestal’s legs.
  3. Level the pedestal with a level.
  4. After mounting the machine, recheck.
  5. Each corner bracket’s washer fits its outside recess. Ensure all four feet are retracted before placing either machine on the pedestal. Next, attach the dryer’s base tea clips. These brackets hold the dryer to the pedestal.
  6. With help, position the machine’s feet in the pedestal’s recesses. Washer and pedestal mounting brackets align.
  7. Each side of the bracket needs 2 screws. 4-screw corners. 16+ Install 4 screws at each washer corner. After installing 16 screws, use the washer’s adjustment wrench.
  8. Adjust each washer’s leveling foot a half turn to tighten it against the pedestal.
  9. After adjusting the washer feet, tighten the locknuts.
  10. Install 2 screws per corner on each side.
  11. Move your machine in position. Verify your machine’s installation with a level.
  12. Adjust the feet. (Note: your dryer installs like the washer).
  13. Plug the power back in and test.

How Can I Lift My Washing Machine By Myself?

If your washer and dryer are on a pedestal, you can lift them alone. Follow these steps.

Prepare Your Washer

  1. The washer’s power wire must be removed from the wall.
  2. To access the water hoses, pull the washer away from the wall.
  3. Water supply valves should be shut off, and water hoses should be unscrewed from the supply valves.
  4. To collect water, lower each hose into a bucket.
  5. To reach both sides of the washer or to turn it on its side, move it away from the wall.

Washer Pedestal Secured

  1. Lay down a blanket on the floor.
  2. Wrap a blanket across the left side of the washer. Keep the washer’s side on the blanket. Keep the washer from being laid on its right side to prevent transmission damage.
  3. Take the feet off the washer. To remove them from the washer cabinet, twist them in a counterclockwise direction.
  4. If the pedestal has a drawer, take it out. After that, position the washer and pedestal so that the pedestal is on the washer’s floor.
  5. Screw in the pedestal bolts or bolts. The pedestal may be attached with hex-head bolts, sheet metal screws, or hex-head screws, depending on the manufacturer.
  6. Install pedestal leveling feet as necessary. The pedestal’s feet can be turned clockwise. Some manufacturers add leveling feet when manufacturing.
  7. Lift the washer. Replace the pedestal’s drawer.
  8. Place a level on the washer’s top. The pedestal’s feet can be raised or lowered by counterclockwise turning a wrench. The pedestal feet should be raised and lowered until the washer is level.
  9. Replace the pedestal and washer.
  10. Connect the water hoses to the washer.


Washer and dryer stacking kit

What is a washer and dryer stacking kit?

The fittings for a front-load washer and dryer are included in a stacking kit. The kit also comes with screws and locks to join two appliances. Only front-loading appliances like washers and dryers can be stacked. (Learn How Deep Are Residential Electric Lines Buried)

How do I take the pedestal off my LG washer?

An LG washing machine pedestal drawer must first be taken apart from the rail to be removed if you fill it too much.

  1. Open the LG washing machine’s pedestal drawer and take everything out.
  2. The drawer should be fully extended after being fully pulled out.
  3. Remove the screws from the drawer’s locations on each side using a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Is it possible to use an LG pedestal on Samsung washer?

Pedestals are made for specific types of machines. If you had LG pedestals and then changed to a Samsung washer and dryer, you will be unlucky as mounting holes, and leg placements are different.

Are Samsung pedestals designed to be universal?

Samsung pedestals are not universally compatible with the company’s entire line of washers and dryers. The pedestals manufactured by the firm are compatible with all front-loading Samsung machines but not with top-loading models.

Do pedestals for washers and dryers have a universal design?

To create additional space underneath front-loading washers and dryers, metal platforms known as risers or pedestals.

Washer and dryer pedestals located on the floor underneath offer storage space options for laundry supplies and reduce the amount of bending required to load and unload.

How to take pedestal off of a Whirlpool front-loading washing machine?

The identical method used to remove the dryer stand may also remove Whirlpool’s washer drawer and dryer stand.

To finish, fully extend the pedestal drawer and unscrew the hex nut, which can be found on the top of each drawer arm. Removing the drawer from the pedestal should be possible by pulling it out.

What is the best way to transfer a washing machine?

Tips for Moving a Washing Machine:

  1. Moving washing machines can be challenging. Before using your washing machine, empty it and give the inside a good cleaning.
  2. Unplug your appliances, turn off the electricity and water, and close the doors.
  3. Remove the valves from the system and disconnect the water supply hose.
  4. Install transit bolts for the washing machine. Move your machine into position on a trolley.

How can I remove the pedestal off Samsung washing machine?

  1. The “feet” that fit into each pedestal should be taken out and put aside.
  2. Keep these identical feet to the side when not in use with your washer models. You may need them to be connected to the washer bottom if you remove your pedestal.
  3. The bulk of the feet are fastened together using a bottom-through screw.
  4. Remove and set aside the hardware that holds the pedestal to the washer’s bottom.

Remove the pedestal from Maytag washer

Pull the drawer completely forward and loosen each hex-head screw hardware with a 1/4″ nut driver to remove the drawer from the pedestal of a Maytag washer. (Learn How To Remove Agitator From Maytag Bravos Washer)

To complete the installation, remove the hex-head screws, pull the drawer away from the drawer slides, and then press the slides back into position.

How To Remove Pedestal From LG Washer