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Can I Mow The Lawn With A Pacemaker

It’s not too difficult to mow the lawn, and it doesn’t take much physical exertion and effort. However, trying to cut the grass after having a pacemaker implanted could cause you to experience some negative side effects from the power tools vibrations.

Since pacemakers react to the body’s physical exercise, the vibrations could trick the device into believing you are working out vigorously. There are a few things to be aware of if you’re nervous about using a lawnmower and whether you have an implanted pacemaker.

Keep it at least 12 inches away from the source of vibrations from your gardening tools. Alternatively, you could use the alternative option of a push mower as they have no motors. In our guide, you can learn more about mowing lawn after open heart surgery.

By the end, you’ll see the best for you and what alternative solutions there are to get lawn mower exercise or use the alternative suggestions most people use to help maintain your grass and garden. (Read Grass Seed Not Growing After 3 Weeks – What To Do)


Mowing the Lawn With a Pacemaker

It’s crucial to pay attention to how you feel and your pacemaker’s rate response if you have a pacemaker and wish to mow the lawn. It is recommended to wait to mow the lawn until things have returned to normal if you feel uneasy, light-headed or your response rate increases too much.

Here’s what to know about lawnmower exercise with a pacemaker:

Riding mowers produce vibrations, which can trigger a pacemaker’s rate response. The rate response feature of pacemakers fluctuates in line with physical activity.

So, when you mow the lawn, and the riding mower vibrates, your pacemaker’s RR can increase since it thinks you are vigorously exercising. Push lawnmowers need to be at least 12 inches from your pacemaker, along include leaf blowers, chain saws, snow blowers, and a vast majority of power tools.

The good news is most people don’t stand within 12 inches of a lawnmower engine. With other lawn care equipment, you need to keep this same distance, and possibly more, to be safe.

Before using any powered yard tools, tell a doctor if your power tools’ vibrations activate the RR feature or if they will be safe. Manual push mowers, garden shears, or other manual yard work tools can be used with a pacemaker.

You’ll find reel mowers effective and easy to use, the manual push mower won’t interfere with your pacemaker, and the vertical cutting motion slices your grass smoother. Ensure you stay inside your comfort level and don’t push cutting grass until you feel uncomfortable or have slight chest pain.

Take a break and look for a different solution if the lawnmower causes your heart rate to increase or changes how your pacemaker feels.

Alternative Solutions for Lawnmowing With Pacemaker

lawn mower

The best solution for mowing the lawn while wearing most pacemakers to solve a medical condition is using a reel push mower for mowing the lawn. Reel mowers are superior to rotary mowers for cutting grass because they don’t require motors or other components that could damage your pacemaker.

Pay attention to the pacemaker’s RR as you mow the grass. If you want to use a riding mower to trim your grass, search for one that vibrates less than others.

You should buy an electric mower because electric mowers produce less noise and vibration. Experts predict that physical activity will cause the pacemaker’s rate response, so you can see a slight increase in your rate if you use a push mower to mow the grass as labor takes some physical exertion. (Read Can You Spray Roundup After Rain)

After speaking to your doctor, you may use a powered lawnmower if you follow the guidelines.

  • For electric motors – Keep 6 inches away.
  • For a gas-powered mower – Keep any electrical area, such as the ignition, at least 12 inches away.

Using the following tips, you can keep your grass cut:

1. Use a Professional Lawn-mowing Service

A professional lawn care service should mow your lawn once each week. This is probably the option that pacemaker people choose the most often while using a lawnmower.

If you have a pacemaker, you don’t have to cut the grass using riding mowers if you don’t want to put yourself in an unpleasant situation.

2. Use Xeriscaping

If you use xeriscaping in your yard, you won’t ever have to worry about cutting the grass again.

Briefly put, it’s a landscaping method that emphasizes the use of hardscape elements like rocks and low-water-demand plants. The plants benefit you and the environment because they are native to the area.

Using artificial turf in place of real grass eliminates the risk of your in-body pacemaker device being activated while using a lawnmower and needing a doctor.

3. Make Use Of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an excellent alternative because it doesn’t require mowing, watering, fertilizer, mulch, or other things. Although it doesn’t have as much of an impact on the environment as xeriscaping, it helps reduce your overall carbon footprint.

There are plenty of options for caring for your garden, lawn, and trees in the space available when you are wearing a pacemaker device. You may still take charge of the yard and give it the appearance you want, even if you don’t use all the equipment and tools.

How To Use a Motorized or Ride-on Lawn Mower with Pacemaker

If you speak to your doctor about mowing the lawn or using other yard work tools with a pacemaker, he’ll give you some good advice.

Maintain a Twelve Inch Distance

To ensure you have no interference with your pacemaker when mowing, it is crucial to keep a 12-inch space between your lawnmower’s motor and the pacemaker. (Read Can You Put Pre Emergent On Wet Grass)

Minimize Vibrations and Check Your Rate Response

Depending on your physique, pacemaker device, and mower, this will differ for each person. But be sure to monitor your rate response while using your mower to determine whether the vibrations from your mower affect your body and pacemaker.

Can I Use A Pacemaker On Riding Lawnmower?

man with lawn mower

You can, but the same factors apply as with a push mower. Keep your distance and keep your lawn mower vibrations to a minimum. The likelihood of your pacemaker being impacted by vibrations increases because you are sitting on the mower.

Therefore, if your present riding mower is giving you problems, think about switching to electric mowers, which will dampen vibrations and be a more environmentally friendly option.

Listen To Your Body

Because every person’s situation is unique, remember to monitor how you feel. That usually gives us all the information we require. Stop and take a break if you feel uneasy, exhausted, or otherwise uncomfortable.

Talk to Your Doctor

Ensure that your doctor approves of you cutting your lawn. Here, you want everyone to understand one another what mowing entails and how it can affect your pacemaker.


Can I Work in the Yard While Wearing a Pacemaker?

There are some yard labor tasks that you should avoid if you have a pacemaker. These include employing a leaf blower, hedge trimmer, and electric weed whacker.

Using an electric lawn mower is also not recommended since it increases the risk of severe injury or even death because the voltage from the motor can harm the wires in your heart monitor.

Can I still use a weed wacker?

As long as you exercise caution, you can use a weed whacker while wearing a cardiac monitor.

Before using your weed eater, review the instruction handbook that comes with it. For safety concerns, most manufacturers will advise against using them; however, some brands have been examined and endorsed by medical bodies.

If you have a pacemaker or other electronic device in your body, don’t use an electric trimmer since it could disrupt the device’s functionality or potentially harm internal organs like the heart and lungs.

Can I Use My Leaf Blower With My Pacemaker?

You can also clear your yard of leaves by using a leaf blower. It should never be used by youngsters or people who are not physically capable of using the tool, just like a lawnmower, and only with extreme caution.

Will My Pacemaker Work With A Chainsaw?

It would probably be advisable to stay away from chainsaws if you have a pacemaker. If you decide to use one, read your handbook carefully and exercise caution—some devices might harm your pacemaker if worn for more than an hour.

Can I use My Pacemaker With Electric Lawnmower?

People who have pacemakers should avoid using electronic lawn mowers. This is because of the possibility that electric motor vibrations may be increased within the body and harm pacemaker lead wires and batteries. (Read What Temperature Is Too Hot To Water Grass)

Can Someone Who Wears A Pacemaker Mow The Lawn?

Medical professionals advise traveling at a speed of 2 miles per hour. If you have a cardiac monitor, adhere to its directions for the model’s top speed. It’s critical to use caution if you are fatigued or ill.

Can I Mow The Lawn With A Pacemaker