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Neighbors Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

Few noises can be as jarring as the sudden blare of a car alarm outside your home. While car alarm systems intend to deter potential thieves and intruders, when they malfunction and activate repeatedly for no reason, they become a real nuisance. Dealing with a neighbor’s faulty car alarm that keeps erroneously going off at all hours can disrupt your peace, disturb sleep, and quickly become infuriating. The unrelenting alarm may blare for 15-20 minutes straight, finally stop, and then start back up again randomly.

If politely speaking with the neighbor fails to get their car alarm system fixed, there are further steps to take. Checking your local noise or nuisance ordinances to see if the repetitive alarm violates set time limits or volume thresholds is vital. If so, filing formal complaints can be done when you call the non-emergency number of the police department. Report the noise disturbance, car make and model, license plate, and offending address when you call the police to report the disturbance.

In our guide, you can learn more about the easiest way to deal with annoying car alarms. By the end, you’ll better understand the right departments to call to solve the problem when you always hear the car alarm nuisance. (Read Complain About Neighbors Burning)

Neighbors Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

What To Do When a Neighbor’s Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

The sudden blare of a car alarm is disruptive enough. But when a neighbor’s car alarm goes off and repeatedly sounds for no reason, it becomes a real nuisance. The unrelenting noise prevents peace at home and disrupts sleep.

While modern car alarms intend to deter potential thieves, when they malfunction, and there is a car alarm that keeps going off, it quickly gets on your nerves. Luckily, there are steps you can take to silence an overly sensitive alarm.

Contact the Vehicle Owner 

The first course of action is to contact the vehicle owner directly. Check the license plate number on the car and use an online registry search to get the owner’s contact information.

Leave a polite note on the car’s windshield explaining the problem and your contact info so you can talk to your neighbor. Also, send a letter or knock on their door to explain the bothersome alarm.

Responsible car owners want to know if their alarm’s fault so they can get it repaired. Leave your phone number so they can inform you when they address it. You can resort to stronger measures if the owner is unresponsive or uncooperative.

contact police

Call the Police Non-Emergency Line

Persistent car alarms that disrupt your home’s peace are considered noise disturbances. Contact your local police department’s non-emergency number to file a complaint. Note the car’s make, model, color, and license plate number. Specify the exact times the alarm sounds and each incident’s duration.

Pro Tip: So you don’t have to call 911 when you call the cops, you can find the non-emergency line quickly. Use Google Maps to find a local police department and call that number. You will need your address and, phone number, and the license plate of the car. They can send out an emergency dispatcher to fix the problem.

At the least, they will run the plates and call the person. The owner can be fined for causing noise pollution if the issue isn’t fixed. (Read Does Acetone Damage Car Paint)

Check Local Noise Ordinances

Get familiar with your local noise or nuisance ordinances. Many towns prohibit car alarms from sounding repeatedly or continuously beyond 3-5 minutes, especially if you live in an apartment complex.

Check the allowed times of day and noise volume thresholds in your jurisdiction. Reference the specific laws when filing your police complaint to compel enforcement. When someone’s car alarm goes off, you could speak to your HOA, and they can send someone to contact the offender on your behalf.

car tow

Towing A Car Alarm Nuisance 

It is handy to know that sometimes, it isn’t just someone trying to break that causes a car alarm to go off. A car alarm would go off if a heavy vehicle caused vibrations or someone accidentally bumped into the car. In addition, rusty electrical connections or a car battery can be the culprit. A low battery can cause vehicle alarms to keep making a noise as it thinks wires are cut.

So, when you keep hearing false alarms, you can request the vehicle be towed if the owner is non-responsive and you want peace of mind. Police prefer avoiding this since towing is quite expensive for the owner.

Leave Another Note Asking for Action

If politely contacting the owner cannot halt the alarm disturbance, leave a note and demand action. State you have notified police and are prepared to push for fines or towing.

The threat of penalties against local laws often motivates owners to disable or repair their alarm when the alarm has gone off on multiple occasions. However, back up your demands by actually starting police complaints or file a tort lawsuit.

Sue for Noise Statutory Damages

In extreme cases, consult an attorney about taking the owner to small claims court for statutory noise infraction fines. This legal action allows suing for set fine amounts defined in local noise laws, often $500 or more. The hassle and threat of lowered credit scores typically compel owners to silence the alarm finally.

nearby security camera

Check for Nearby Security Cameras 

Canvass nearby houses and businesses to check for external security cameras that may capture the vehicle and the owner responsible. Video evidence further validates your complaints if the owner contests being notified. Security footage definitively documents the alarm disturbance originating from their vehicle.

Offer to Help Resolve the Problem

Take the high road and talk to the owner about how you can jointly resolve the matter. Offer to help get repair quotes, install a battery cut-off switch, or arrange a tow if needed. This frames you as an ally trying to help, not just a complainer. Building good-faith rapport increases cooperation. (Read Car Sounds Like Air Escaping When Turned Off)

FAQs Noisy Neighbor Car Alarm Won’t Stop

Dealing with relentless car alarms brings up common questions on rights, regulations, and remedies:

Is it illegal for someone to let their car alarm sound repeatedly?

Suppose a car alarm doesn’t work and stop when they press a button on the fob to lock the car door. It violates local noise ordinances. The owner can face citations and fines for the nuisance disturbance from a passing police car that hear the alarm.

How many decibels or minutes of alarm noise does it take to qualify as a violation?

Noise limits and durations classified as violations depend on the specific town. Common thresholds are noise above 60–85 decibels or sounding for 3–15 continuous minutes when the alarm on the car goes off.

Is there a time of night when car alarms are prohibited from sounding?

Many noise regulations prohibit car alarms and other loud disruptions during overnight hours, usually from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

How do I get the car towed if the owner won’t stop their alarm?

You must file formal police complaints to request a tow of the offending vehicle after providing warnings to the non-compliant owner.

Can I break a car window if the alarm is deafening outside my home?

No, damaging someone else’s property is illegal, regardless of the justification. Report noise issues properly. (Learn How Many Scfm To Paint A Car)

Can I sue for health problems or lost sleep caused by their alarm disturbance?

You may take extreme cases to a small claims court or file a lawsuit in a civil court if you have evidence of verifiable health damages from the alarm.

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