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How To Stop Neighbors Shooting Fireworks Over My House

It’s natural to want to celebrate New Year’s or the 4th of July Independence Day with a fireworks display. This is acceptable, but you should know your options if you have to deal with lawbreaking neighbors who use fireworks outside the local rules near your home or inside city limits where there are certain restrictions.

The first step is to try talking about the issue with the neighbor in question. Contact your neighborhood HOA (Homeowners Association) or the police if it fails. Fearing any damage to your home and your family’s safety, you may feel compelled to take action if neighbors set fireworks too close to your house.

In our guide, you can learn what to do if the neighborhood fireworks fan keeps setting off a bottle rocket at inappropriate times or disregarding the many reports of hurt people.

By the end, you’ll see many options or steps you can take without being held responsible by your neighbor for doing the right thing. (Read Water Pooling Next To House Guide)

Neighborhood firework hazards

What Are Firework Hazards?

It is fun to attend a fireworks display, yet you’d think that after the holidays are gone, people would stop setting off fireworks. However, in certain areas around the United States where fireworks are not prohibited, people still set them off for fun.

Most often, this upsets nearby pet owners, where their dog gets upset at the noise, or there are people with post-traumatic stress disorder and people with sensory processing disorders who are distressed when the two houses are close together.

Besides this, many people are hurt by fireworks they purchase for personal use every year. Worse, fireworks can harm neighbors or their kids should they be fired too close to houses.

There are limitations on fireworks usage in some locations because of the considerable risks they pose, and the loud cracking sound can be utterly unpleasant.

Can I Sue Neighbors For Setting Off Fireworks?

Although some states ban fireworks, people can still buy consumer fireworks for their amusement. If you have PTSD or sensory disorders, have easily spooked dogs, or desire late-night peace, you should do something.

If you sue your neighbors over fireworks, you may win. Before you use your fireworks-loving neighbor, consider these factors:

Fireworks cause damage, although complaining to authorities about being scared or missing sleep from fireworks won’t help much. If fireworks cause damage, you might have a case. Standard fireworks damages that require legal action:

  • Physical injury
  • Physical damage to your pet
  • Adverse effects on the mental health of you or your pet

Does suing your neighbor make sense? Legal action against your neighbor should typically only be taken as a last option. You can always discuss the problem with your neighbor or the homeowners’ association. (Learn How To Get Drywall Dust Out Of House)

Call the police regarding fireworks

Can You Call The Police Over Fireworks?

If your neighbor’s fireworks drive you crazy, contacting the police might be the best action. You can call the police regarding fireworks, but this should be one of your last options before initiating legal action.

You’d need to be bothered by the fireworks continuously, have a persistent problem, or find that talking to the neighbor didn’t work. If other neighbors support you and are on your side, you may be in a better position.

Do police care about accusations against those who set off fireworks?

The situation, such as where you live (near a forest or largely dry grass), will determine whether the answer is yes or no.

Cops can still issue you a ticket even if you are in a state where fireworks are prohibited. Be aware that aerial fireworks are still illegal in several states, even if used to mark significant occasions.

If you set off fireworks without a permit, you could end up arrested, but you’d receive a ticket. If you’re fortunate, the police will warn you and take your unlit firecrackers away.

Who To Report Illegal Fireworks To?

If your neighbor keeps setting off fireworks, report it, especially if fireworks are illegal in your area. Don’t call 911 to report the disturbance.

The emergency hotline should be reserved for circumstances like a fire or injury caused by a firework explosion. Many states allow you to submit complaints online. (Learn How To Keep A Painted Door From Sticking To Weather Stripping)

Call the non-emergency number for local police or fire. If you’re unsure when to report, consider:

  • Whether fireworks are legal in your area.
  • If someone lit fireworks in a banned area or at the wrong time of night.
  • If you have stored consumer fireworks and wish to dispose of them.
  • If you find a neighbor’s house full of fireworks and are concerned about danger,

How Do I Report Illegal Fireworks

It’s time to report illegal fireworks to the authorities once the conditions have been met. But how exactly do you do that?

You can complain online about your bothersome neighbors ’ fireworks, as shown. Only the complaint’s description must be entered because identifying information like your name and email address is optional.

You must disclose the place or address the annoying neighbors’ fireworks set off. You can input the closest cross streets if you cannot give an accurate location. However, all this can be your last resort, and you have other options if you are afraid there could be repercussions.

Talk To Your Neighbor

Talk to your neighbor as soon as possible. When dealing with issues with neighbors, communication is critical. Your neighbor might be sympathetic and understanding enough to stop the fireworks lighting.

Tell your neighbors if you are fed up with cleaning up the debris from their fireworks in your yard. It’s possible that until you draw his attention to his negative behavior, your neighbor won’t recognize it. Of course, behave civilly and subduedly when dealing with your neighbor.

Get Your HOA Or Landlord Involved

It might be a good idea to let your HOA know if you think your neighbor is a bit stubborn and likes to pick fights with you.

Tell your landlord if you live in an apartment. For example, when your neighbor sets fireworks over your house, you might draw their attention by claiming that he’s endangering the structure.

Find Ways To Deal With It

If you are sensitive to loud noises, do not have PTSD, or do not own a pet, you may choose this alternative, albeit it is not the best option.

If your issue is a loud noise coming through your windows that disturbs your sleep but doesn’t significantly impact you, you might wish to live with it and accept that you have noisy neighbors.

Fireworks land on your property from neighborhood

What Do I do when fireworks land on my home?

Let’s talk about what you can do if the fireworks land on your property from a nearby person in your neighborhood. First, you must exercise common sense if the fireworks start too close to your house and end on your property. (Learn How To Remove Glue From Engineered Hardwood Flooring)

Verify the extent of the damage. Move on if there isn’t. Since no harm was done, try not to let it ruin your day. The most you can do is politely request that the fireworks be lit up a little farther away from your home from your neighbor.

However, you must alert your neighbor if there has been actual damage or if it is upsetting your dogs. Along with talking to your neighbor gently, please give them a choice of approaches to handle the noise.

In this manner, you avoid giving the impression that you are a dictator. You’re giving your neighbor a choice to devise a solution instead. Here, you may give them the choice of paying for the damage out of their cash or reporting it to the insurance company and letting them handle it.

The latter choice would likely require attorneys, which would not be desirable to your neighbor. And while we’re talking about insurance, you can probably count on your home insurance to pay for any damage caused by fireworks set off by someone else.

How To Stop Fireworks In Your Neighborhood

Fireworks go on sale in many areas, although we’ll use California (Which is on sale in June) as an example. “Safe and Sane” fireworks go on sale, and are any fireworks approved by authorities and legal to sell and use?

For anyone, it is vital to know the law and understand any hazards associated with fireworks before setting them off. Unfortunately, parents often tell their kids, and often, you find they don’t listen and end up in the town hospital.

Fireworks cause severe damage and injuries when not used as intended. In addition, personal injury or wildfires can start if you point fireworks in the wrong direction. (Read My Neighbor Runs A Generator All Night)

Understanding Firework Law:

California has a zero-tolerance policy for anyone selling or using illegal fireworks. It’s unfair to sell, transport, or use fireworks without a “Safe and Sane” seal. It’s against the law to have in your possession or use fireworks in communities where they are not permitted.

Illegal fireworks:

  • Skyrockets
  • Bottle rockets
  • Roman candles
  • Aerial shells
  • Firecrackers

Firework Injury Prevention:

  • Never stand over a firework when you light a fuse
  • Stand several feet away from any lit fireworks
  • Never point or throw fireworks toward another person or at windows
  • Never try to re-light fireworks
  • Never carry fireworks in pockets

Protect Pets:

Pets may find fireworks frightening and overpowering, although many people enjoy their loud booms and flashing lights. Many animals flee on July 4 when they hear the commotion and are lost. Pet owners can do many things to help animals maintain their calm, yet never let pets loose at these times.

Municipalities may ban consumer fireworks between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m. except for December 31, July 2, July 3, and July 4. They may be used until one morning if July 4 falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

How To Stop Neighbors Shooting Fireworks Over My House