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How To Stop Birds From Chirping Outside My Window

It’s an exciting experience to live in a natural setting. It allows you to relax and take pleasure in being in a relaxed mode most of the time. However, sometimes nature can be pretty annoying in the most discreet way, such as when singing birds make a noise nonstop outside your window.

While it may not appear too bothersome, it can quickly amount to quite some chatter when there is over one. Pesky birds frequently visit window ledges, which can be an annoyance because of the mess and loud chirping they make at night.

Birds may build nests in nearby trees closer to the house for several reasons. So, if you are annoyed with the bird chirping outside your window, you’ll need an effective bird deterrent, or at the least, a way how to make bird stop chirping so much.

In our guide, you can learn all the effective ways how to make birds outside shut up, and most are not harmful. By the end, you’ll see how you can make them find a new resting spot and stopping birds singing come early morning. (Learn How To Cover Up Mud In Backyard)

Stop Birds From Chirping Outside My Window

Why Do Birds Chirp Outside the Window?

You may hear the sound of chirping birds in the evenings, throughout the night, and very early mornings. During the mating season, wild birds start chirping, which can last for a few weeks.

It frequently happens in the early morning and late at night when males try to find a mate by humming or chirping. When stressed, pet birds may chirp to get attention. You might be interested that some bird species communicate naturally with other birds using sound.

In the dark, there is less light, which is another reason birds chirp more. With some species, like robins, this is especially true. Several bird species start singing early at sunset and don’t stop until daybreak if you pay attention; if you do, you’ll notice that they become nighttime singers after the sun goes down.

Birds chirp and cause a disturbance because they are close to your home, especially if you have fruit trees providing access to a food source. Birds enjoy cozy locations to nest after flying, and thus your privacy is invaded by chirping birds.

Sometimes, birds nurse their young, which results in a lot of hatching and intermittent chirping for food for a few weeks. Now, you need to know how to get birds to stop chirping.

Best Ways Of How To Make Birds Stop Chirping Outside Your Window

1. Use a Scarecrow Method

To deter birds from perching on your window sill, employ methods that have been effective against them. We refer to this as the scarecrow method. The idea is to install a component that frightens birds from the area around your window or home.

Like a scarecrow in a rice field, you accomplish this by using terrifying apparatuses to deter birds from flying over your property. You can use a predator’s silhouette or an even scarier animal, such as cats, owl, or hawk, that is hiding in your house.

Even decals of predator’s eyes can be enough to catch the birds’ attention and stop birds from chirping so close to your windows.

Use other strategies, flashing lights or hanging old CDs with reflective surfaces to frighten birds away from your window. (Read Why Are My Avocado Tree Leaves Drooping)

2. Break Their Bond

The following step is to remove the bird nests as they are building them regularly. After they’ve left, we advise you to set aside some time the following morning to take anything they left behind.

They may detect a signal that the area is no longer safe for them if their nests disappear repeatedly. No nest means no chirping outside your window. However, be careful you don’t disturb nests where they have already laid eggs or there are baby birds already.

3. Move The Food Source

Birds love to sing and don’t stay away from a sustainable food source. Mix the two, and birds sing to acknowledge the fact they have one. Do you have anything that might draw them in and keep them there, especially every morning?

They probably also have access to food if they are nearby your house. Putting up a bird feeder far from your property could be enough to stop birds from chirping outside as they are so far away.

Keeping birds away means placing the bird feeder around 50 to 100 feet away from your window.

Bird Spikes use as Bird Repellent

4. Use Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are effective when you place them across the entire window sill. These spikes prevent any birds perching and pecking at the pane.

Anti-pigeon spikes are helpful on other surfaces you have bird issues with, such as facades, roofs, gutters, or any other areas you can stick them. They are easy to install and are highly effective to stop birds from chirping outside your windows.

5. Use Bird Repellent

Use a non-toxic liquid bird repellent on the windowpane where the birds land to stop them from chirping outside your window. Some paste repellants may leave a sticky film that deters birds.

6. Add Net Barriers

This tactic effectively prevents chirping birds from landing in particular areas, such as nearby trees and nests.

Hardware stores carry plastic nylon nets. To ensure that no small birds remain in the tree or surrounding area, use enough nets to cover the trees where they prefer to land and build their nests.

What Can You Put on Your Window to Keep Birds Away?

Chirping by birds is analogous to human speech. It is a biological switch they cannot deactivate, especially during mating season or when they warn other birds of a potential threat. Here are some alternative measures you can take so you don’t hear the sounds of birds.

1. Bird Tape

Because of its collision-proof feature, bird tape lasts long and makes space lines across your window easier. A bird sees this and leaves.

2. Transparent Film

You can still see outside your window, but birds can’t see through the clear, colorless glass. Install a transparent film if you prefer a simple window with no extras.

3. Mosquito Screens

Window mosquito screens are not a bad idea to add an extra layer. Yes, a mosquito screen keeps bugs out but keeps birds from flying near your window. Screen styles and sizes vary by the window size.

4. Decals

These devices successfully obstruct external reflection. The stickers need to cover most of the surface to deter birds from your glass effectively. You can also get decals of cats that are enough to worry and discourage birds.

5. Don’t Allow Them From The Beginning

If you spot birds outside your window for the first time, one of the best ways to stop birds from chirping is to get rid of them quickly. Don’t let them spend the night by your window; the longer they say, the harder it will be to get rid of them. (Learn How To Clean Up Pine Needles)

6. Stop What Is Keeping Them By Your Window

If you feed birds outside your window, they will continue singing outside your window.

Stop feeding them food so close to your home; you can continue feeding them, but way off down the bottom of the garden, where you can’t hear the sounds of birds chirping, and you can get some sleep.

7. Be Active

Birds like your window because it’s peaceful and can nest in peace. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, this tip could help you get rid of birds around your house faster.

Try loud music first. Play loud songs near the window on your speakers to stop birds from chirping outside. Just be careful it isn’t too loud to upset your neighbors.

How To Stop Birds From Chirping Outside My Window